ESS Module and Racks

An ESS (Energy Storage System) module and racks using lithium-ion technology are components of a larger energy storage system designed to store electrical energy for later use. These systems are used in various applications, including renewable energy integration, grid stabilization, emergency backup power, and peak shaving, among others.
Aone Energies truly believe in putting forward the best & convenient options catering to the queries & requirements. The LFP based ESS module & racks are a great dynamic possibility which can be expanded in series as well as parallel, according to the need. The modular design of battery cabinets makes it useful to meet higher energy storage capacities 7 serve generally to the higher current requirement. This ESS lithium-ion battery is based on various standard modules & comes with optimum flexibility to design customized modules & comes with optimum flexibility to design customized modules to fit within the same case & cabinet. It proves to be the safest battery with modular design in a true sense.


Salient Features of battery energy storage system

  • Expandable in series as well parallel
  • LFP based ESS, long life.
  • Safest battery with modular design
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Flexible control that covers all commercial fields.
  • Quick and Easy Installation.
  • Low Maintenance Requirement.

Protection Features of battery energy storage system

  • Over temperature cutoff
  • Over Voltage cutoff
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over charge/ discharge cutoff
  • Over current cutoff


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