E-Cycle Battery

Electric bicycles, commonly known as e-bikes or e-cycles, are bicycles equipped with an electric motor and powered by a lithium-ion battery. These batteries play a crucial role in providing the necessary electrical energy to assist the rider and propel the e-bike, making cycling easier and more enjoyable, especially on uphill terrains or for longer distances.

 Aone Energies Batteries produces eCycle battery in LFP & Li-Ion varieties giving a push to the popularity manifolds & further taking it to new heights. These bicycles are propelled by electric power, thus are driven faster, saving the time & also the planet being non-popularity.

Overall, e-cycles with lithium-ion batteries offer a practical and eco-friendly alternative for urban commuting, recreational cycling, and exploring various terrains while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting sustainable transportation options.


Salient Features of eCycle battery

  • 36V-7AH to 20AH
  • 25.9V-7AH to 20AH
  • Cutoff – Over Charge & Discharge
  • Temperature Cutoff
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Shock Absorption
  • Short Circuit Protection

Protection Features of eCycle battery

  • 100% Charge / Discharge Efficiency
  • Eco Friendly in Nature
  • Quick Charge
  • Plug & Play Battery
  • Mechanical Locking Arrangement


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