UPS Battery

A lithium-ion UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a backup power system that utilizes lithium-ion battery technology to provide uninterrupted electrical power during power outages or fluctuations. UPS systems are commonly used in various applications, including homes, businesses, data centers, and critical infrastructure, to protect sensitive electronic equipment from power disruptions and potential damage.
It is indeed a luxury to have your own energy, especially when one is going through power-cuts often. Beat power cuts with Aone energies inverter and UPS solutions. Aone Energies provides low maintenance, environment friendly inverter lithium-ion battery packs from its technically advanced manufacturing units. Power cuts are quite frequent and if its summer, it’s even harder. Get access to uninterrupted power supply, no matter what the reason is (Power Cut, Power Failure, Low Voltage). Aone provides high performance UPS and inverter at a highly competitive price. End your power woes now.
Plug & Play replacement of conventional UPS batteries by our Lithium Battery UIF Series for UPS. They last longer than conventional batteries, resulting in almost no battery replacements. Light weight lithium-ion batteries save space, improve location flexibility & address limited floor weight thresholds.


Salient Features of UPS Inverter Battery Packs

  • Replacement of SLA/VRLA battery
  • For UPS application
  • Extra work hours per charge
  • Quick Charging
  • Light Weight
  • No replacement required
  • 100% Efficient
  • 10+ Years Life
  • Maintenance Free

Protection Features of UPS Inverter Battery Packs

  • Over Temperature
  • Over Voltage & Current
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Short Circuit
  • Can’t be used in Series/Parallel


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